Morning Smoothies & The Magic of Açaí

Calling all basic betches! We are not only avocado toast and picture perfect latte-obsessed, we are totally on the açaí smoothie, bowl, and juice train. Although each of us prepares our açaí in a slightly different way – we cannot get enough!

One of our most favorite preparations is the morning fruit smoothie mix which includes a lot of healthy goodness.

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We like to buy the AmaFruits Acai Traditional with Guarana from our local store in Lakeview-Chicago Life Spring Health Foods. Since Meghan isn’t in Chicago she tends to buy hers here from Target.

Fun fact: Guarana is a berry that grows in the Amazon River drainage basin in northern parts of Brazil. It is a natural caffeine, which is why it’s the perfect way to start the day. They also say it sharpens your memory! Um..yes please!  Anything to help relieve the constant anxiety… Did I leave my straightener on? Where did I put my keys? You know how it goes.

When it comes to the smoothie, some favorite ingredients to add are fresh strawberries, half a banana, coconut water, plain Greek yogurt and flax seeds. The variations are endless. You can pretty much add any skinless fruit you like and/or substitute the coconut water for your favorite juice or even go the more ‘economical route’ by using good-ol’ tap water. Meghan makes hers with fresh or frozen fruit, coconut milk yogurt, and almond milk.

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Next throw it in a blender – we like the Magic Bullet Blender because it’s simple to use and so easy to portion out a serving for one.

Once you have everything locked and loaded – blend away!

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Blend until smooth or until you hear your blender freak out because it thinks it’s done – whichever comes first.

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Since we’ve been sipping this on the way out the door, it’s been pretty convenient to pour it in a plastic cup with a lid (only because we have leftovers from a bulk-buy at Costco for our Christmas party). When these run out, it’s back to the reusable on-the-go glass.

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So sip-slurp! Be ‘healthy,’ be basic, be energetic and go! #nailedit


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