Book Shelf Decor: Before & After

Fun fact: In the last 2 years, we have all moved a collective 6 times. We’ve packed, unpacked, repacked, ordered lots of take-out and the best part – decorated and redecorated. I personally, only moved once and it’s been a slow (but exciting process) to organize and give our place it’s own personal touch.

One of my favorite looks is mixing the new with the old. While I have an [unhealthy] obsessions with West Elm, Home Goods and Target – you can also find me browsing through antique shops for golden treasures.

That being said, my most recent project has been decorating these book shelves. The challenge for this one was finding unique pieces that created balance and character in the room. We spend a lot of time staring at this piece while binge watching Homeland, The Bachelor, HGTV, Game of Thrones, Narcos and everything in between – so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too busy, but yet not too boring.


So after purchasing some new pieces and pulling together a few I inherited from my Grandma and Grandpa – we came up with the below shelf decor!


Here’s a closer look of each side with details on where I got a few of the items.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Top shelf: Antique store vase and faux mini box wood from my favorite antique shop – Heritage Trail Mall, decorative candle (no longer available: similar one here,) white stamped jar (similar one here.)

Second to top shelf: Gold sunburst here, Chanel book here, vintage books from Heritage Trail Mall (similar found here and here,) black circle sculpture here, vintage clock from my grandmother.

Second to bottom shelf: Gold hurricane holder on each side here, “Love” sculpture here (donations go towards St. Jude’s – so awesome!,)  succulent and vase found here and here.

Bottom shelf: Apple sculpture from Home Good (similar one here,) silver candle holders here, and vintage frame (similar ones here.)

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Top shelf: Stamped ceramic vases here, vintage decorative pieces from my grandma, gold sculpture sphere here, and collection of fashion and vintage Notre Dame books from my grandpa (similar ones found here.)

Second to top shelf: White vases on each side from Home Goods (similar ones here,) antique store vase and faux mini box wood purchased at Heritage Trail Mall, faux succulent plant here.

Second to bottom shelf: Gold frame here, brass pineapple sculpture here, sculpture stand gifted from mama holiday. We call it the ‘holiday pedestal’ as the display on top of the pedestal will change with each holiday – hence the St. Patrick’s day decor 🙂

Bottom shelf: pineapple sculptures from Home Goods (similar ones here.)

You can also have fun with free wall space and put up one of the below shelves and decorate with your favorite items.

2-20-2017 10-38-37 AM.png2-20-2017 10-35-49 AM.png shelve_1 2-20-2017-10-34-05-am



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