Neighborhood Knockout: Yoshi Cafe

So, we like food. A lot. While we love exploring new places, we also have a few spots that we can’t seem to get enough of, and end up as our “go-to” neighborhood staples.

To share our FourLove of food, we’ve decided to reveal a weekly ‘neighborhood knockout’ featuring some of our favorite places around the Chicago, and even Madison, WI.

Our first shout-out goes to the one and only, Yoshi Cafe.

There are oh, so many reasons why we love Yoshi. It is a family-run business that has been around for over 20 years, and known for both their food and hospitality. The Yoshi family makes you feel welcome from the moment you walk inside. The menu is updated seasonally to keep things creative, but they also keep staple menu items constant for a reason.

What we’re ordering:

After a few sips of a Tito’s martini, straight-up with one blue cheese olive and one wasabi olive (yes, wasabi…it’s amazing) we love to start with their famous gyoza. Gyoza is a Japanese pan-fried dumpling that melts in your mouth. These ones are filled with beef and drizzled with soy sauce goodness.

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Another fave starter is the mushroom soup. It’s served with this cute little spoon-shaped bread with brie cheese melted on top. Mmmhmm…The only bummer about this one is that it’s seasonal, and only on the menu through the winter. We end up ordering it on pretty much every visit, during the cold, hibernating months.

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The entree menu is ridiculous. Let’s just say  a 10 oz burger with brie cheese, fried green tomato, mizuna (Japanese greens)  and caramelized onions – served with a side of truffle fries (I meeeeean. No words.) is ordered by someone at our table every.single.time. There’s also a selection of sushi rolls, ahi tuna tacos, bento dinners, steaks, savory duck and chicken with veggies and some of the best salads ever. 

Emily and Meghan love the grilled radicchio salad with pumpkin seeds and Canadian goat cheese, white wine and walnut oil vinaigrette. 

Abby enjoys the oven roasted red beets and watercress salad with blue cheese, roasted walnuts, apple cider vinegar and walnut oil. 

Molly obsesses over the shaved brussels sprout salad with panko encrusted Canadian goat cheese, shaved almonds and drizzled with walnut oil.

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Finally to top things off, an espresso martini and chocolate lava cake a la mode!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Stay tuned for Sunday brunch and patio season. We will be back and boasting about Yoshi again soon.

Until then, check it out. We promise it will not disappoint.



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