Combat the Winter Outfit Woes

Have you ever found it a breeze to put together a summer concert outfit, but a storm to put together a winter concert outfit? I know I have.

As most of you know, the trickiest part of going out during the winter (especially in Chicago) is making sure you are warm while you are waiting outside, while avoiding the dreaded sweaty pits and brow once you get inside. Not to mention, there’s nothing worse than waiting in line for the coat check at the end of the night when all you want to do is get home (cough, cough…or to the gyro place next door..cough). And that’s if there is even a coat check in the first place…carrying around your heavy coat the whole time ain’t much better.

Let me tell you-the struggle was reeeal when I recently went to the Thomas Jack concert (a Tropical house artist) in 30 degree Chicago weather. After a few wardrobe changes, I knew the outfit I chose would camouflage either temp. I landed on this combat jacket that is warm enough to wear outside but, light enough to wrap around your waist once you’re in. I paired it with a lace-up bodysuit, ripped black jeans and my go-to black Tom® booties. Problem solved. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert without having to worry about the dangers of dancing with my arms above my head.

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