DIY Photo Gallery Display

“Who run the world? GIRLS!” – Queen Bey

My most recent home décor project has been trying to tackle the large, gray wall located behind my couch.

I found a budget-friendly way to fill the space by purchasing magazines and cutting out black and white photos. The idea came to me while I was browsing through a Harper’s Bazaar 1995 magazine and came across a few images of Princess Diana and Pamela Anderson – they were chic and classy. While I was clicking through different B&W images on Amazon, I collected a few more portraits of women that inspire me: Kate Middleton, Audrey Hepburn, Beyoncé, and Marilyn Monroe.

Next, I went to Home Goods and found a variety of frames to accent the pictures. One sneaky, money-saving tip I learned is to look for frames with pre-filled/existing artwork rather than empty frames. Once the images were framed, we hung them in a cohesive display. As a finishing touch I added the “E” to bring a little more dimension and a pop of color- I found this one at Anthropologie – similar one found here.

Kate Middleton


Audrey Hepburn.jpg

Photo Gallery Wall

*The following famous women are featured in the photo gallery: Jennifer Hudson, Audrey Hepburn, Pamela Anderson, Kate Middleton, Beyonce, Natalie Wood, Rosa Parks, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, and Jackie Kennedy.


3-27-2017 4-24-04 PM


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